AFH is a Non-Profit organization.  Organización sin fines de lucro. Hamilton, Ontario. Canadá.   Por el progreso, la unidad y la inclusión de la comunidad hispana.

About The Artist:

Pamela Rojas is a ceramist and muralist with over thirteen years of experience that include leading groups in community projects. Having lived in four countries in three continents she brings a fresh perspective of the Latin American mural movement to North America.

Her designs are inspired between a mix of Latin American muralist and art where her paintings presents a magical, peaceful and serene world, with candor and in imaginative spontaneity.

She explores vivid colours, emotion, and the fusion of including ceramic details, etc.

The essence and the character of her style sprouts in the innocence of mind and in simplicity, which removes constrains and allows more liberty in the matter of composition.

Click here to see what happened at the Mural Kick-Off!

Mural de Arte "Viaje de Esperanza"  -  "Journey of Hope" Art Mural ​

Este Miércoles 12 de Julio, empezamos a pintar el mural de arte del inmigrante "Viaje de Esperanza". Se les pide su cooperación como voluntarios para pintar el mural de Arte "Viaje de la Esperanza". Se darán horas de voluntariado a estudiantes.
Lugar: St . Charles Adult Education Center
150 East 5th Street, Hamilton. Días Lunes a Viernes

Habrá dos turnos
Turno de la mañana:  8:30 am a 12 del mediodía
Turno de la tarde: 12:30 pm a 3 pm
Los voluntarios que deseen pueden trabajar los dos turnos, un lunch ligero se les dará a aquellos que estén todo el día ayudando en este hermoso proyecto.
Vestirse adecuadamente para el trabajo. Voluntarios deben ser mayores de 14 años. Pueden registrarse aquí, o enviar email o dejar mensaje en el teléfono 289-689-5563

The Fraternity Hispanic Association has received financial support from the Government of Canada for the "Art Mural Journey of Hope to a Welcoming Land" to celebrate @Canada150th. 

More details are available on the following website: Canada 150th

AFH would like to thank the Government of Canada for their generous support of our #Canada150 project @Canada150th. For more information about the event, please visit Canada 150th.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

AFH aimerait remercier Gouvernement de Canada son appui généreux accordé au projet #Canada150 d’@Canada150th. Pour plus d’information à propos de l’événement, veuillez visiter Canada 150th.

Ce projet est rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.

The Fraternity Hispanic Association a reçu un appui financier du gouvernement du Canada pour " Art Mural- Journey of Hope to a Welcoming Land" et célébrer @Canada150.  
Plus de détailsou sont disponibles sur le site web suivant : Canada 150th


Fill this form to register as a volunteer for the Art Mural. We will get back to you.

Regístrese aquí como voluntario para pintar el mural de arte. Lo contactaremos próximamente.

Muestra a escala del mural.  - Sample of art mural

Hágase voluntario y participe pintando este mural!

Se realizará este mes de Julio.

Con motivo de la celebración del 150 aniversario de Canadá, la AFH mostró recientemente en un evento, el diseño del mural que pintaremos mostrando los valores de quienes formamos parte de este gran país,  Canadá.

La obra de arte representa el viaje de esperanza que millones de inmigrantes en Canadá han experimentado y el impacto positivo que diversas culturas han tenido en nuestro país!

¿Quieres participar?

¡Hazte un voluntario con nosotros durante el mes de julio para ayudar a pintar el mural y jugar un papel positivo dentro de la comunidad!

Llena este formulario para agregarte a nuestra lista de voluntarios y forma parte de esta nueva experiencia comunitaria!

​Event Details: 
- Day shift (8:30 - 3:00)
- Half day shift (8:30 - 12:00) or (12:00 - 3:00)
​- Refreshments will be provided for half day volunteers
- Refreshments and Light lunch for full day volunteers


Volunteer with us to paint the art mural!

We are starting in July.

The project, sponsored by the Fraternity Hispanic Association and funded by the Government of Canada, kicked off at St. Charles East 5th on Friday, June 16th at a cocktail social where Kitchener-based artist and muralist Pamela Rojas introduced her concept design for the commemorative art mural project.

Adopting the theme “Journey of Hope,” the mural will chronicle the journey taken by hundreds of thousands of newcomers over the past 150 years to their new homeland of Canada.

The mural will be permanently displayed at St. Charles East 5th, an adult education centre operated by the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board at 150 East 5th Street in Hamilton that has provided English language training and other educational programs to newcomer learners for over 30 years.

The adult education centre is also home to the Fraternity Hispanic Association whose programs and meetings are held at the site.

Want to be involved?
Volunteer with us in the month of July to help paint the mural and play a positive role within your community! 

 ​Volunteer Requirements Details:

- Volunteers must be at least 14 years old

- Close toed shoes and clothing you are willing to get dirty

- Have your own method of transportation


Dear readers: This section is under construction.

Estimados amigos: Esta sección está en construcción.

This Wednesday, July 12, we begin painting the immigrant's art mural "Journey of Hope". We invite you to cooperate as volunteer to paint this art mural.
Volunteer hours will be given to students.
Location: St . Charles Adult Education Center
150 East 5th Street, Hamilton
. Monday through Friday

There will be two shifts
Morning shift: 8:30 am to 12 noon
Afternoon shift: 12:30 pm to 3 pm
For volunteers who wish to work both shifts, a light lunch will be given.
Dress appropriately for work. Volunteers must be 12 years old and up.
Fill out the volunteer form (Waver)
You can register here, or send email or leave a message on the phone 289-689-5563